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Wednesday, November 26

How a woman should be treated

Got this from an email......

Women are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the Earth. Their beauty is something which can not be matched by any other. The different shapes, sizes and colors are what make them so wonderful and incredible, large, small, black, white and everything in between. Not only are they attractive outside, but also inside. Their way of being is the most incredible phenomenon in the universe, which is why they should be treated with the most up right respect. The most important thing to show a woman you respect her is look her in the eyes. Do not let your eyes wonder across her body and then back up, but stay looking at her face. Make sure she knows that you want all of her and not just her flesh. Unless of course the relationship has gone on long enough that she doesn?t mind... Another important issue when treating a woman is; do not treat her as if she were a child. Do not tell her what she can and can not do. She is a human being as well, respect her and show her that she can have her own choices in life. Women have as much right as males do living on this planet. So treat them as equals and not as inferior beings. Women are gentle creatures. As males we must show our appreciation by seizing each moment by telling them how we feel. Feelings are what make relationships what they are, and women love to hear what we think. Even if it is a simple 'I love you' say it anyways. At least then she knows that we love them and care for them. Something that has seemed to slowly disappear as of late is chivalry. I firmly believe that a man should be a gentleman and hold the door open for a woman and hold her chair out when she wants to sit down at the dinner table. Women seem to care less about this issue, but I believe that even if a woman doesnt care about it, it should still be done out of respect. Women are angels of beauty and uniqueness. There will always be the different one in a group which does not like appreciate these, but overall a woman should be treated with respect and treated like the gentle creature she is.

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