F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: I am a WONDERFUL\AMAZING Granddaughter

Wednesday, November 4

I am a WONDERFUL\AMAZING Granddaughter

 Every Christmas, I give my grandma something JUST FROM ME. So I have a few things I am giving her. Like my Breast Cancer Story I wote for her Breast Cancer and My Family and a autograph picture from Paula Deen. I have to find 2 pretty frames for both gifts...........Cannot wait for Christmas and the look on her face. She is a wonderful grandma and my best best friend.



  1. Terribly sweet! I have the world's best grandma as well. Can't wait for Christmas!!

    Got your button and am following you!

  2. Michell, thank you so much. I am very close to her.
    Going to check your blog out write now.............Have a great one

  3. Awww that it totally sweet!