F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: 57 years ago

Saturday, October 29

57 years ago

Two amazing people in my life got married and started their lives together. They are such amazing role models, amazing parents and amazing grandparents. I hope someday I will find someone very special and be married for 57 years.

My Great-Granddaddy walking my Grandma down the aisle to my Grandpa

You may kiss the bride

The newlyweds with both parents

Mr. & Mrs.

My FAVORITE picture


Missing is Aunt, Uncle and cousin

With 3 of 4 grandkids

To my amazing grandparents, 
I love you very much and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you both in my life. You are AMAZING!!!!! 

Mom and Karen are very lucky to have you for parents. 
Chris, Elizabeth, Eli and I are very lucky to have you for grandparents.

Hope you have a wonderful anniversary and many more to come

Love always and forever, Kelly

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