F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: CHRISTMAS PART 1&2

Saturday, December 24


Every year it's the something and I love it

We have Christmas with my dad 1st since we are not going to be with him on Christmas Eve night or Christmas Day (most of the day) 

I got my dad some nice dress shirts and pants. I got my brother a USC shirt. My dad got me a Kindle Fire, which I am in love with. Then my brother got me some cozy slipper boots!!! They fell so wonderful

At my mom's house. I just love her tree this year. It's too cute

 My beautiful mom and handsome stepdad

Friday night, my brother and I headed to our mom and stepdad's house to open gifts
*this year my sister is not going to be with us. she is sick and having car problems. she will be with her mom though*

He is too cute

Some of their sweet pups
*the brown one is my cousin's dog*

My mom loved her gift

LOVE my brother's face hahaha

 Me with my amazing brother

Chloe and my brother resting =)

Hope y'all are having a great Christmas Week with y'all love ones

Merry Christmas Eve everyone

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