F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Mavericks game in NOLA (With LOTS of pictures)

Monday, January 23

Mavericks game in NOLA (With LOTS of pictures)

Something I can mark off my Things I Want To Do List

This weekend my dad took me to see my favorite NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks in NOLA paying the Hornets.  I have been a Mavericks fan for 5 years and have only seen them in NOLA 2 times. When I saw that they were going to play in NOLA I was so happy. We had AMAZING seats. We were on the Mavs side which was fine with me =)

 This was a Christmas gift that my dad gave me. He is a Hornets fan and so is my brother. We are a house divided when the Mavs and the Hornets play each other. I stay in my room and they are in the living room haha. 

Here are pictures I took of the AMAZING game!!! So happy that the Mavs won. Hopefully I can go to the next game when they are in NOLA!!!

Before the game


Mavs Manic and a really die-hard Mavs fan. They go to EVERY away game

Mavs and Hornets warming up before the game

  LOVE his jacket

Brian Cardinal

Jason Kidd

Lamar Odom

Mavs Assistant Coaches

Mavs Head Coach Rick Carlisle and Dirk Nowitzki

 Terry Stotts and Brian Cardinal

National Anthem

Game time

The two Head Coaches

Rick Carlisle and Terry Stotts

A view from our seats

These people did NOT stop cheering the WHOLE game. The Hornets Manics 

Jason Kidd and Rick Carlisle

These two were so cool and friendly!!!

Lamar and Dirk

MAVS WIN!!!!! (I had no voice by the end of the game hahaha)

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