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Friday, March 23

A HUGE wake up call for our family

Last year our sweet pup, Rico, was having a bladder problem and was drinking lots of water. We had to fill his bowl 15 times a day. We took him to the vet and we found out he had diabetes. My heart ached for him. His glucose was down as well. He weighted 22 pounds. He has to eat a special kind of food giving by the vet. At 1st we didn't have to give him any shots as long as his glucose was going down. He went in for his 3rd update and that's when he had to give him shots. I was crying but I know this will help him and it did, still does. 

He goes in every month for his check up all day. They take blood and watches him really closely, as of today, he weighs 13 pounds. Very active, sometimes he is tired, but mainly active. He is 6. It was a HUGE wake up call for our whole family. I am glad that we took him to the vet when we did. Such a sweet and funny dog. We love him very much.

This is him TODAY!!! He looks very healthy and I know he is very happy. 

We have to give him insulin shots twice a day after he eats. 

Here is the needle, 3 CMs everyday and every night. He is very good with it now. He just sits there and lets us give it to him. At 1st he would go places and hide (who could blame him, I know I would)

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