F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Christmas 2012 (Picture overload)

Thursday, December 27

Christmas 2012 (Picture overload)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their love ones. I know I did. Even though it was hot haha, but that's what you get when you live in South La........oh well it was fun. Christmas Eve we headed to my grandparents. We ate, laugh, drink and mainly had a great time. I just LOVE my family. They keep me laughing. Wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!

Christmas Eve

Grandparents house

Sophie Marie

Brother and his girlfriend

Grandma and her dog Toby

Grandma got a Kindle Fire...........I think she loves it 

Brother got beer from grandpa

Grandpa got new shoes

"Mommy what did you get?"

I got a Coach from Santa!!!!

Then it was time for family pictures

Me with my siblings 

My stepdad, me, brother, sister and mom

The grand kids and the grandparents

The grand kids, the grandparents and brother's girlfriend

The whole family

Brother and his girlfriend

My sister and I

My sister, me and brother's girlfriend

Me and my grandma aka my best best friend

My sister's dog, Penny

My sister and her dog

My stepdad and Ozzy

Christmas Day

Lily Grace

Grandma's table

Love this

Me and my baby boy

My brother, dad and I

Merry Christmas

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