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Monday, June 17

LA trip Day 2 (picture overload) June 4th

Tuesday, we went downtown LA to go to the Grammy Museum. I couldn't take any pictures inside, so I took some outside. We went to the Staples Center too as they were getting ready for playoff game. Then we went back to the hotel to relax before meeting some friends. Their son played on the team my brother coached last year and we became good friends. It was very nice to meet up with them. 

This is from our hotel

The Santa Monica Pier from our hotel

Grammy Museum

We went to the Staples Center to look around while waiting for the Grammy Museum 


I LOVE these houses by the beach. They were really neat.

So want this house

Meeting up with great friends

They were TOO cute

The guy told him to do a "handstand" and he "did"

 photo 85986756b_zpsef1b6ab9.png

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