F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Update on me

Saturday, August 3

Update on me

The surgery went good on Monday. I have been in a lot of pain since Monday. My dad is doing an outstanding job helping me out. My mom has been a wonderful help too 

It still hurts when I swallow and talk. Also when I eat stuff. I have been sleeping in the the recliner in the living room. My dad has been on the couch. Every 4 hours I have to take meds. My little pup has been overprotective of me lol. The good news is I lost 8 pounds so far. I have a rash on my legs, not sure it's one of the meds, but we are watching it 

Today I went to get a pedi, that made me feel somewhat better. 

Night time is the worst, my throat hurts a lot. I am so so ready for this to be over with.  Will try to blog again soon. Thanks for the payers!!!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend 

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