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Thursday, November 14

I am inspired by.

1st let me say, the people on the Today Show are all doing segments who they are inspired by and they are all very amazing. Carson Daly did his today.  If you haven't seen them, go watch them. 

I am inspired by:

My Grandma, she is the glue to our family. She means everything to me.
 In 2007 she found out she had breast cancer. No one in our family had it, so it was very shocking. When I found out she had it, I cried most of the night. You really don’t know how it feels until someone in your family has it. You feel like someone just punched you. You ask “Why” “How” You feel depressed, even though she didn't want me too.

I would call her everyday to see how her day was, was she having a good one or a bad one. We would talk for hours. Sometimes I would just get choked up and start to cry. She told me she would be ok, she was strong. I believed her, she was.

She had her amazing family and her wonderful friends by her side. She was blessed with everyone that loved her.

There was one holiday we couldn't all be together, cause some of us were sick or getting over a cold and they say don’t get around a cancer patient when you're sick, because their Immune System is not strong and they would get very sick, or even die. But we called her and told her Happy Thanksgiving and we will see her at Christmas, which we did.

A few months or a year after she was better, she was doing a breast exam and she felt a “bump” on the same breast. She called her Doctor and they checked it out and it was tissue, which was a big relief for all of us.

I don’t know what I would do if I had lost my best friend/grandma. She is an amazing person. She is a wild\crazy\fun, wonderful, kind, not your typical grandma (which I am fine with). I love her sooooo much and I always, always will. The 2 of us have this special bond that NO ONE could ever break. 

I am just so glad she is here with us today and is CANCER FREE!!!!!

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