F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Cruise Vacation (part 1)

Thursday, January 30

Cruise Vacation (part 1)

Sunday we board the Carnival Sunshine in NOLA. We got on early for my brother's wedding. It was a very beautiful ceremony. I am so happy for my baby brother to find a wonderful girl. I wish them the best. Here are a few pictures of the wedding from my dad's phone and the photographer on the cruise.We will get a CD soon with the pictures 

The I do's

You may kissed the bride

The 1st dance

Me, my brother and dad

Me with my Sister-in-law

Dad and I

Brother and Dad

Once the wedding was over and everyone who was not going on the cruise with left. I headed to my room and changed out of my dress. Then headed to the Lido Deck where the party was just starting. It was wild and so much fun. When we started to leave the port, everyone was cheering. It was a long day and I was very tired, so I just went back to room and took a nap. That nap turned into dinner time, so I got up and had dinner with my dad. Then had a drink and went back to bed, so no towel animal that night. We had 2 fun days at sea before our 1st stop.

Lido Deck

That's my mom waving at me lol

Guy Fieri's burgers and they were so good 

It was fomarl night Tuesday. Me, my dad, godfather and his wife

 I got a towel animal

Fun day at sea

My sweet Canadian soon-to-be SIL

My Canadian brother and soon to be SIL aka, my brother's best friend\groomsman he went to college with

My wonderful Godfather and his wonderful wife, that I just met for the 1st time at the wedding

The groom and the bride

My brother's best man and his wife
 Note there were 3 guys with the same name. 2 are spelled Chris and one is spelled Kris. So we went by the last names lol. It was really confusing. 

Tuesday night

It was Mardi Gras night

The lady in the purple dress with the curly hair was our Cruise Director and she was awesome. She was full of energy!!!!

Wednesday morning in Jamaica Mon. What a pretty view from our balcony in our room

Dad in Jamaica

Me in Jamaica

Pretty water in Jamaica

Oh my gosh, they were so cute. They welcomed us. I mean look how cute they are!!!! 

Me and mom in Jamaica

My stepdad and my mom in Jamaica

The marching band 

Sunset in Jamaica

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