F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Cruise Vacation (part 2)

Thursday, January 30

Cruise Vacation (part 2)

Cayman Islands. This place was breathtaking. It reminded me of Florida. So colorful and fun

They don't have port, so the boats had to come pick us up and take us to the Island

When we got off the boat, we headed to our excursion. When we got to our excursion, we had to go on a boat to see the stingrays, we didn't get a chance, the water was bad, so we turned around and headed back to play with the dolphins. I have waited my whole life to do this and it was so much fun. I was sad we didn't swim with them,, but I was happy to be close with one and kiss one and have one kiss me. This was the highlight of this day!!!!

Once we were done, I saw these two beautiful parrots!!!

 Once we were back to the island, we walked around and enjoyed the place

Hahaha this is so funny and cute 

We went to Margaritaville

Me with my two favorite men, my dad and godfather

On our way back to the ship

It was another formal night that night 

Canadian SIL to be

Me with my SIL other 2 bridemaids. They are so sweet 

Another cute towel pillow

We were chilling lol

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