F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: I love who I am

Thursday, October 9

I love who I am

All of my life I was made fun. I was bullied too. I was held behind in alot of grades. Went to 6 different schools. Once in grade school my younger brother was sent to the principal office because he was standing up for me. Now that's a nice and caring brother. I dropped out of school because I was bullied. I refused to go back. My parents were AMAZING in all of this. I tried to get my GED, but it did't worked out. I finally went back to school and I LOVED that school!!! I made great grades, had tears I loved.  I was 21 when I finally finished High School. I graduated one year AFTER my younger brother. I did NOT go to college, but I am TRYING to get my GED again....this year I took my 1st test, passed one part and have to take the essay again. I have great an AMAZING support system....family and GOD

I am overweight, I still think I am pretty NO MATTER what people say. I will NEVER be skinny, but I am working on loosing weight and trying be healthy. 

I have an wonderful job that I love. I am in my 30's and still living at home. Not married yet.....you know what? I REALLY DON'T CARE what others think about me.  I LOVE me for who I am. My family and GOD loves me and that's all what matters to me

One of my favorite songs right now. It's so good

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