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Thursday, January 21


I have been a slacker of blogging lately. I have been busy with other things, I totally forgotten my blog. Here is what's going on with me lately.......

I have an obsession with Adult Coloring Books. Who knew they would be so much fun? They are really fun and time goes by so fast. 

Been on a Netflix watch. Watched all 4 seasons of Baby Daddy in 2 weeks. Very good show. Can't wait for Feb 3 and along with Young and Hungry. 

Went to a Mardi Gras ball last weekend and it was fun as always. The parade is this weekend

Have sinus problems. Went to the Doctor Monday and they gave me a shot, it's working some. They gave me some meds too. I should be use to this for living in the south. The weather is a joke. It will be hot one week and then it be cold. 

FINALLY putting Christmas up and going to be putting up Mardi Gras soon

I was dog sitting my fur nephew while his mom and dad were in Canada last week. My mom was keeping my nephew.....I so miss him so much. They are all home now. I LOVE having them live close to me. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Will be blogging more soon!!!!

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