F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Heavy hearts

Sunday, April 10

Heavy hearts

The Saints players, coaches, owners, staff, former players, the NFL\ other sports players and the Saints fans woke up today to tragic news about a former Saints player, Will Smith was murder last night by a selfish man after a car collision. The guy who shot and killed him also shot Will's wife in the leg twice. She is in the hospital. We are all thinking about her and her kids durring this sadden time. Lucky they arrested the guy who did this and he is charged with 2nd degree murder. 

Us Saints fans are still in shock. We will get through this together. He has so many WHO DAT fans, coaches, owners, staff, players, former players and other praying for his beautiful family. May GOD be with them all durring this sadden time 

Please I am asking you to pray for the Smith family at this time. Pray for the Saints family at this time. May Will Smith RIP.  WHO DAT FOREVER AND ALWAYS

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