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Tuesday, June 14

Florida vacation

Friday-Monday I was in Florida with my mom and step-dad and their 4 dogs in a RV. That's right 4 dogs. It was fun going to Florida in a RV. I read and slept most of the way. Very realxing. 

This was our view. Not too bad huh? It was so beautiful and breathtaking 
We stayed at the A & M Perdido Resort LLC - RV Spaces in Pensacola, FL 

Me and mom

Doing some reading and realaxing

 Sunset 1st night

The next day, mom and stepdad went fishing, while I stayed back with the dogs in the RV. Went out and did some reading and trying to get some sun........it was 92

 For the Blue Angel that passed away

Going to dinner.  We ate at the Perdido Key Oyster Bar Restaurant and Marina
It was so good. 

My beautiful mom and handsome stepdad

They took a picture of me and it wasn't really good, so I did a selfie lol

Another sunset

Mom and I went to the public beach and it was not what we expected. Barley any room to walk to the water. Condons on each side. Plus looked like it was about to rain.

We left the beach and went back to the RV resort and went to the pool 

One of my mom's dogs LOVED the water. This was her 2nd time doing this 

 We went to the Sunset Grille 
We had crab claws and they were very good. This is a place you can bring your dogs. Which we did

Last night there

I really want to go back someday. I had a great time. The weather was great, really didn't rain. Everything was so perfect. Hope you get a chance to visit. They have condos too 

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