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Wednesday, August 17

Prayers are still needed

What a few days it has been for my state of Louisiana. I am pretty sure y'all have heard that we had horrible floods. Homes, work places, stores, restaurants and other places have been damaged during this storm. People lost their homes, they lost everything. People had to get a few things and leave. Pets were left behind, but reunited with their love ones. People in boats on streets. Families loosing love ones. 

We had drain water on our street, but we were very lucky. Alot have lost power and can't get in touch with love ones. There are people in my neighborhood were flooded bad. Seeing pictures and known exactly where these places are that are under makes me sick. This whole thing makes me sick. 

This is far from over. It will be months, might be a year for everyone to recover. Just please contine to pray for everyone


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