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Monday, December 31

Good bye 2018

Can't believe that it's almost 2019!!!!

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote this blog post down below of what I wanted to do in 2018.......Well, I accomplished a lot on the list and failed a lot too. RED means I failed and I need to work on more in 2019

  • Spend more time with family. Go see the grandparents, nephew and niece a lot
  • Read more books
  • Learn more about the Bible
  • Be healthy 
  • Try new things 
  • Cook more, eat out less
  • Drink more water
  • Walk more 
  • Watch shows on my Netflix list
  • Go to bed a decent time 
  • Wake up a decent time 
  • Save money
  • Travel 
  • Clean out clutter around the house 
  • Pay it forward
  • Try to blog every day (write fun posts)
  • Go to sporting events
  • Go to fun concerts 
  • Don't judge others. No one is perfect

*Holy cow, that's ALOT of red!!! 
I will keep doing the ones that are not in red as well!!!

To add to the list that I want to do:
Be a better daughter, granddaughter, sister, sister-in-law and aunt
Work harder on my 2 businesses 
Live my life!!!!

Here is to a WONDERFUL 2019!!! Can't wait to see what this year brings to me and my family. Happy 2019 everyone, hope this year is great to y'all. 

Have a safe and wonderful 2019!!!!!

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