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Monday, November 30

MIA Lately-This and That

I used to be a good blogger, but this year I have been a bad one. This year has been bad. I have been in a slump of blogging lately. Same with reading.

Still not really going into a lot of places. Wearing my mask, staying safe. I ended up happened to take 2 covid tests a few months ago and both were NEGATIVE !!! Thank goodness!!!  Turned out I had a sinus infection each time.

Been back and forth from La to Tx. Gumbo the hamster is doing amazing. He is so funny and such an amazing hamster.

Thanksgiving was ok. Was supposed to go to my grandparents, but my mom got sick so we didn't go. Instead, I had Thanksgiving with my dad and that was fun. I cooked. 

I started watching Desperate Housewives again. I am on season 2. Forgot how good this show was. I am reading Everything Beautiful in Its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss by Jenna Bush Hager. Very good book so far

Excited that Christmas is getting closer!!! Love this time of year. It's so magical and peaceful!!

Hopefully, I will be a better blogger and reader in 2021. Have a wonderful and safe Holiday season!! 

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