F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: Friday Favorites

Friday, March 25

Friday Favorites

 Hey hey and happy Friday everyone!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week!! I did!

Here are some of my favorites at this moment

My nail tech did such an AMAZING job on my nails! This is dip and gel

If y'all saw in my previous post my new reading area. In this picture, my nephew took over with his and my niece's stuff animals hahaha

The shoe rack I got from the Container Store. OMG y'all, I SOOOOO love that place!!!

I needed a new Bible because my Bible was getting destroyed. I had it for 15 years and the pages were tearing. I searched and searched for a good one and I kept seeing the She Reads Truth one. 

They had the Imitation Leather and the Hardcover one. Either one was good, but I got the hardcover one. Let me tell you this, the pages inside of this Bible are absolutely beautiful and so well worded. I LOVE LOVE it!! I had to get tabs for it too. I highly recommend it

Love love these next 4 sayings!!

Got to throw in a funny one!!! Hahahaha

Have a wonderful and fun and safe weekend!!!


  1. Love your nails! They are so fun and spring-y!

  2. Right? I want the dollar tree to sell gas too. Ha. I love your nails. So pretty and festive for Spring and Easter.