F Just a Louisiana Girl in a Texas World: What a week SO FAR!!!!

Wednesday, November 9

What a week SO FAR!!!!

So Monday I woke up in pain in my eye, it was completely shut!!! My dad had to take me to the eye Dr and then he sent me to the EMC. Turns out that I some how I scratched the skin over my Corina. She had to weld it back because a piece of skin was catching my eyelid. It felt like something was in my eye. I broke down and cried because it was I was in pain. Once she weld it, she put a contact in it and gave me drops. For 2 days I couldn't really keep my eye open, so I just slept on and off lol. I had to wear sunglasses when I was looking on my phone, looking at the TV and computer, even go outside. 

Today I went and she said my eye is much better from Monday. YAY!!!! Still have to put drops in. Have to wear sunglasses inside once in awhile.  I hope this never happens to me EVER EVER again!!!  It was misable

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