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Sunday, August 20

Saying good-bye........again

Another hardest post I have ever written........I can't stop crying....last year I lost my sweet boy Easton. This year I lost my baby boy Rico

Monday, July 31st,  our sweet 12 year old dog went to go be with his big brother in doggie heaven

He was diabetic, then he became blind. We decided to do the cataract surgery. Everything was going great until his left eye was giving up.

Long story short, he had to get his good eye removed because it had puss in it and they couldn't save it. Then 2 weeks later, the other eye removed. The poor baby boy was miserable. he wasn't drinking, he was in pain. So that Sunday we had to make the hardest decision ever, that was to make the pain go away.

That Monday, he went peacefully to doggie heaven.

Rico, thank you for being such an amazing dog. We enjoyed the wonderful memories we had with you.You will always be in our hearts. We will miss you so much. I know that you and Easton are having an amazing time together. Give Easton a big kiss for us.You are not in pain anymore my sweet baby boy. Rest in peace my beautiful, sweet angel. We will never ever forget you 9/7/05- 7/31/17

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